The I.M.A. Singers

The I.M.A. Singers is the performing arm of The Institute for Musical Arts (I.M.A.)  The I.M.A. Singers is a group of professional singers who have performed all across the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia. They have performed on world-class stages such as Madison Square Garden, Broadway, Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Bologna Teatro Comunale, and Frankfurt Operas and have sung with Barbra Streisand, Mel Torme, Sherrill Milnes, Sylvia McNair, Dalton Baldwin, and many other stars of today.

Singers of this group are award/grant winners of the MET, Pavarotti, Rosa Ponselle and Jenny Lind Competitions, Sullivan and George London Foundations, New York State and Bronx Councils on the Arts, Houston Grand, Palm Beach and Baltimore Operas Competitions, MacAllister Awards, Fulbright Scholarships, and more.

I.M.A. artists have raised millions of dollars performing at hundreds of benefits and fundraisers for churches, synagogues, and a wide-variety of charitable foundations and organizations, including benefit concerts for AIDS research, the Jewish National Fund, the victims of Hurricane Bonnie, the rebuilding of New Orleans, and the victims of the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing.

The I.M.A. Singers perform for:


The mission of The I.M.A Singers is to bring world-class singing events to diverse audiences, in particular, to people who are no longer able to travel outside of their living situations. The I.M.A Singers is dedicated to creating programs around their audiences by varying their musical styles which include Broadway tunes, opera favorites, spirituals, folk, jazz, and Spanish songs.

The I.M.A. Singers was formed to bring the ideals and musical training standards of its parent organization, I.M.A., into the community by sponsoring performances of vocal music with the foremost commitment to the truthful expression of music and poetry as heartfelt emotion. The I.M.A. Singers makes this commitment believing that in the moments when the human artist is able to vulnerably reveal what is in his or her heart that those in the presence of this opening will momentarily be reawakened to the beauty of the common ground which all humanity shares but often struggles to find. 


“The tears kept rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t stop them but didn’t want to.”
- Violet Hottberg, Audience member

“Of Broadway quality.” 
- Caroline Dehoya, Concert Coordinator for the Hebrew Home for the Aged

“Before The I.M.A. Singers, I was a skeptic of opera. The language barrier kept me from listening to it. But, The I.M.A. Singers sing with their souls and are truly passionate about communicating with their audiences — they make opera seem like musical theater, accessible to the general public.”
- Robert C. Pollack, Reporter for the CT Record-Journal 

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Director of Development and Events
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